Ace Pepper Custom Amps

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Ace Pepper is an amazing amp Builder from San Marcos Texas. Kurt from KW cabs told me about Ace and raved about his amps. Ace is the kind of small builder I really enjoy working with, very knowledgable, very particular about what his amps are and the components that go into them, and has a very clear vision about what he is trying to accomplish with his amps. They have a very organic sound which I really like, very true sounding and they go from clean to super saturated in a very natural way
Besides being a great builder, Ace is a very cool guy and is very fun to work with. He likes doing wild coverings for his amps which really make them stand out in a crowd, and he is very open to doing custom builds.
We are really psyched to have the opportunity to share Ace’s amps with our customers. Check out the videos and if you can stop by and give one of these amps a spin!!!!

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