C.P. Thorton Guitars

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Chuck Thorton has an amazing reputation as one of the most accomplished builders in the boutique world. His guitars are very sought after due to his limited capacity to make instruments of this quality. He is becoming a very busy man. These guitars were recommended to me by a very accomplished builder in his own right and after a very short time with it, it was apparent just how right He was.

We have really been enjoying working with Chuck, All of the guitars we have gotten from him have sold very quickly. Two sold to a very good customer of ours who plays in a well known band and he is very happy with them.

We ordered one of Chucks “Legends” to keep as a demo guitar. Due to the expanding wait time we wanted to have one available to demo at any time.
Come by and check out a C.P. Thorton guitar, and watch the video below for a demonstration of one of Chucks really great and innovative models.

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