Black Volt Amplification “Whitey”

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 The “Whitey” is newest model from Gio Loria at Black Volt Amps in Los Angeles!!! This model is the first Black Volt with a gain stage. You can go anywhere from chimey Vox AC30 clean sounds to crunching gritty early Marshall Plexi sounds with a turn of the gain control!!!
This amp produces 30 muscular sounding watts from 2 6V6’s, but can be used with 6L6’s, or KT66’s without rebiasing. The Celestion Creamback speaker really delivers the clarity and touch sensitivity that these vintage circuits produce. Perfect size for recording or gigging!!
Gio builds amps that are reminiscent of all of our vintage favorites, yet have a voice that is unique. These have a strong mid and a powerful, tight bottom end which can be lacking in some vintage amps, and an organic clarity that only comes from the simplicity and brilliance of those vintage circuit designs!!!
These are produced in small numbers, and we are very happy to be one of only a few select dealers of these amazing amps!!! Gio really puts his heart and soul into each and every one of these. They are all numbered and early serial numbered ones are already selling for much more than the original sale price!!!!!

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