Booya Amplifiers #120

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This custom 6L6 based head is a an amazing 35 watt reverb head made by amp builder and repairman Jamie Simpson!!!! Jamie is the tech and gear guru to lots of todays top touring musicians and likes to only custom build amps or heads for a select clientele, This one has two 6L6’s, two 12ax7’s and a 12at7. It is a one chanel amp that is very warm and extremely pedal friendly, it also has Jamies amazing reverb that is adjustable with two knobs, a depth, and a dwell for greater countering of the reverb. This is a really nice, clean, warm, round sounding head that is perfect for small to medium sized applications!! There are two velcro strips where the previous owner liked to keep his pedals, can be removed but might be useful to the next owner!!

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