Teye Guitars La Azteca

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 The new La Azteca it is a luxury version of Teye’s La India model, This is from the “Super E series” or Emperor Series. As with all Teye guitars this one looks amazing, Aztec engraving, fully engraved rear plate, shipwreck finish on the back and neck, and beautiful hand inlaid mosaic around the body. 
  These guitars are not just unique looking,  they really have a sound and a versatility all their own. With Lollar Pickups and Teye’s electronics package which includes the new Mojo spectrum modeling circuit, which allows the player to sweep through the frequencies to access an amazing array of tonal possibilities, these guitars sound as good as they look!!!!
  We have been carrying Teye Guitars since almost the very beginning of this shop, and really love them, the folks at Teye Guitars have a real passion for what they do and it shows in every Teye guitar you play!!!

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