About MCG Suffern

Mountain Cat Guitars is a different type of guitar business. It is neither a store in the traditional sense nor solely an online entity. I wanted to create a comfortable place to play and purchase guitars that has all best aspects of some of my favorite guitar stores, but with a more personalized shopping experience. In addition to vintage and used guitars, we also carry instruments from some of todays most exciting boutique guitar makers .

All guitar players want great gear at reasonable prices but I believe that the environment to shop and fall in love with your next guitar is equally important. Mountain Cat Guitars is a place where people can enjoy the experience of shopping for guitars in a relaxed and private setting.  As an appointment only business I want to build long-term relationships with my customers so that I can help you find the perfect guitar every time.

I look forward to working with each customer to find the gear that you are looking for or to maybe introduce you to something unexpected.

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