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About Boutique Builders

Mountain Cat Guitars is proud to be able to offer an assortment of some of todays most exciting small builders of guitars and amps. The small builder, or boutique movement, has been around for a long time, small, independent shops with a much smaller output and therefore more developed attention to the fine details of building their instruments than the traditional large company.

As the large manufacturers seemed to be churning out tons of generic reissues of their own products at ever increasing costs, the boutique builders seemed to fit a growing need in the marketplace for handmade, sometimes very original, sometimes very classic, high quality instruments

As I began to stock Mountain Cat with the instruments it would need to open, I began meeting and speaking with a really great group of builders of guitars and amps that seemed to need a place where people could find their gear, a comfortable environment to try them out, and someone with a passion to share these types of instruments with people who may or may not be aware of some of these amazing builders. I have really enjoyed learning from these artisans how their instruments are built, how they got started, where they would like to see their instruments in the future.

I have also begun some projects with some of the builders that will be built and exclusively sold through Mountain Cat. Please check out the projects page for updates and availability of these exclusive guitars and amps.