Monty Guitars

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Mountain Cat Guitars is proud to be the exclusive representative and one of only a select few dealers of Brian Monty guitars. Brian is a Canadian luthier and blues guitarist and singer who is making some of the finest handmade instruments today. Monty guitars have long had an almost mythical quality in that he has chosen to avoid self promotion and favored a more word of mouth approach. Brian’s guitars have an unusual clarity and woodyness that is hard to find in more mass produced instruments. His unique building techniques and choice of woods make his guitars something that really should be tried. I have known Brian and his wife for over 15 years, I play his guitars,and am very excited to be able to represent him and share his craft with people. Brian is also an expert restorer of vintage instruments. He is well known for his refinishes in period correct laquers and custom colors. His retopping and renecking of les pauls is legendary. Give us a call to inquire about any of Brian services. Brian is a frequent visitor and will be available for consultations on custom to something unexpected.

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