Moriarty Guitars

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Matt Moriarty (Moriarty Guitars) is a guitar builder I have known for some time, and am very happy to  have the opportunity to feature his amazing creations at our shop. Besides his own one of a kind custom guitar models, Matt is widely regarded as the most accomplished of the many luthiers who attempt to recreate the various models of electric guitar that were made for Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead by Bay area Luthier Doug Irwin. Matt recently relocated to the Buffalo New York area from New York City to expand his building opportunities and further dedicate himself to his craft. Due to the demand for these guitars, there was rarely unsold ones that were available to try, or a place to try them. Matts reputation was earned through word of mouth. The following for these types of guitars is very demanding, and have very strong opinions about those who attempt to make them. I am very excited to be able to have a place where people can try these guitars and see them in person. The amount of detail and research that has gone into these guitars is very impressive. Matts dedication to making these guitars everything they should be for those who play them is awesome!! I look forward to sharing Matts work with my customers and anyone interested in these amazing handmade works of art!!!

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