1959 Gibson ES-345

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  Here we have a really great sounding player grade 50’s 345!!! I will list the changes and issues, The tuners are grovers, the pots have been changes, there is a small filled in hole near the controls that look like it once had a micro toggle, bridge and tailpiece are from later, and the pickups are patent numbers from a few years later.Knobs, switch tip, and guard are all non original. It has been converted to a mono guitar and the varitone has been removed but is in the original brown Lifton case!!!!
  The neck has been refinished/oversprayed, it is possible that it was shaved down slightly, feels slim like a 60, very hard to tell but it is definitely aversprayed. Also has a pro re fret.
 Now for the good news, this is an amazing sounding, light weight 50’s 345 for only slightly more that a custom shop. Vintage, woody soundthat you can only get from a guitar of this era!!!!! Great player, awesome fret job, This is a great 50’s guitar you wouldn’t mind taking out of the house!!!!!

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