Black Volt “Crazy Horse” Amp

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  Another amazing Crazy Horse from Black Volt amplification. These are amazing handmade amps built By Gio Loria in Los Angeles. Gio is a real purist when it comes to building these and put his heart and soul into every one. These are based on the classic circuitry of our favorite amps from the 50’s and early 60’s, so they are familiar sounding but have the punch and presence of a new amp.
 Using as many repurposed parts as possible, sourcing amazing old wood for the  hand built cabinets, at voicing each individual one with whichever speaker sounds the best, each Black Volt has a personality and voice all its own!!!!
 This one has some really nice upgrades, a solid ash cabinet which is really old, repurposed ash which sounds amazing, Gio put a really nice  shellac violin finish which really brings out the character of this old ash!! Vintage mexican blanket grill cloth and a Selection Gold speaker which is a truly amazing speaker, they are pricey but well worth it when you hear it!!!
 Black Volts are truly unique boutique amps, each one is numbered and early examples are already selling for way more than their original asking price on the used market!!!!!!

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