Colby Amplification, Lil’ Darlin

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New from Colby Amplification, The Lil’Darlin is everything you always wanted from a tweed champ but cant always get!!!! This amazing sounding little combo is 5 watts from a single 6V6 but the wattage can be deceiving, this amp has a lot of power for its size and wattage rating. From one 8 inch speaker comes the earthiness and growl of a 50’s champ but with a much more present bottom end and less fizzyy break up.
Beautifully hand wired by Mitch Colby, it features 5F1 circuit with Colby mods, Class A, cathode biased 6V6, NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors, Mallory signal caps, F&T and TAD filter caps, Sprague bypass caps, US built transformers, and a Weber Alnico magnet Blue Pup speaker!!!

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