DGN Custom Guitars Paragon 59

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The Paragon 59, Dan Neafsy’s from DGN Guitars tribute the the 59 Burst!!! With an eastern maple flattop from the same area Gibson was getting its male for tops in the late 50’s!!! Very realistic looking top, looks really flame from some angles and plain from others, just like the real ones!!!! Hondoran mahogany neck and back, and a very dark, beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard!!!! Really great looking cherry sunburst and some light aging, some dulling out of the finish and aging of the nickel parts.
Dan is an amazing builder and guitar repairman. He doesn’t make many of these 59’s, so its hard to tell if and when we will get more. These really have the look, playability and tone of a real Gibson from the late 50’s, all handmade by Dan, even the pickups are Dan’s own 59 winds and they sound great!!!!

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