Red Rocket Stylesonic

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Amazing brand new Red Rocket Stylesonic!! Matt Nowicki from Red Rocket builds very high quality boutique guitars with a very retro look, feel and sound. This “S” style guitar is very resonant, and Matt’s hand carved necks feel like the great necks from the 50’s that first perfectly in your hand and are so comfortable to play!!! This one has a slight blemish next to the output jack so it is being sold at a “demo’ or used price. Since the guitar is black the blemish can’t really be seen in a photo and is very slight, almost hard to see even if you know where it is but because of this the price is greatly reduced!!!!!!!
A great opportunity to get one of these amazing boutique guitars at a reduced price. Still comes with a warranty from red Rocket. Here are the specs:

Spanish Cedar Body, toroise binding
Mahogany/Braz Rosewood neck, stainless frets, pearl dots
Black Gold finish
Parchment White pickguard, knobs, covers
Lollar Firebird Pickups
Hiphsot tremolo bridge, steel block
Hipshot locking tuners
bone nut


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