Mountain Cat Guitars now using La Bella Strings

  • Posted in: Gear
  • On: May 11, 2012


We are very excited to be beginning a relationship with La Bella strings. La Bella strings is family owned and operated, and it feel that way when you deal with them. After touring the factory and seeing the attention paid to the craft of making strings, there was no doubt that I wanted La Bellas on all the guitars in the shop.

There are so many things that set La Bella apart from other companies, the quality of course, but as with all things in my shop, The people behind the product are equally important, and I really found the folks at La Bella to have the same passion and dedication to their craft that the amazing boutique guitar and amp builders I work with have.

Come on by and see the difference a great set of strings can make on your guitar or bass!!!!

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